Gadabouts, Failed Putsches and Coxcombs Anonymous (verony) wrote in houseofsmut,
Gadabouts, Failed Putsches and Coxcombs Anonymous

House of Smut Con, December 2007

OK! Who is planning on coming to Orlando later this month for a group reunion/meet-up? What days are you available? Any ideas on things to do?

Also, who would be interested in going someplace like Sears or Walmart and getting group portraits done? They can be kind of expensive but I think if we have a good number of people to split the cost then it wouldn't be too bad. We could even include a photo or cutout of Josh Hartnett or just photoshop him in later, if desired. We might have to schedule an appointment for a photo session, so if we're going to do it, let's figure out when and where and I can make a call.

Unrelated Jeff Corwin video:
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