birkitty (birkitty) wrote in houseofsmut,

for the next two weeks, you are mine...

Here are the minutes from last night's meeting guys, lolz

Sunday, 4/22-  10pm Tooters with Tudors
                           11pm Entourage  
                           @House of Smut 

Monday, 4/23-  8pm Pan's Labyrinth (free)
                           Reitz Union Cinema (2nd Floor)

Wed, 4/25-       Dinner TBA
                          10pm LOST

Fri, 4/27-           Last Friday Night Dinner D;
                           Location? TBA 
                           Special Guest: Alana Varnai

Sunday, 4/29- 10pm Tooters with Tudors
                          11pm Entourage
                           @House of Smut

Tuesday, 5/1-  Paint 34th St Wall 
                           Dirty Dancing @Butler Plaza    

Wed 5/2-          Jeff's at 10 am sharp! gotta get on the river! :)
                          Itchetucknee Springs

                           Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ?
                           10pm LOST 
                           Team America ?

Thurs, 5/3-  Ginne Springs Pharmacy Trip (non-pharmers welcome!) @11am
                      Spiderman Midnight Release
                      Butler Plaza

5/4-5/6-       Graduation

Sunday, 5/6-  Heidi leaves for Australia ;(       
                        10pm-Tooters with Tudors
                        11pm- Entourage
                        @House of Smut

Alright, so here's all the dates I had down/could remember. Feel free to discuss places for dinner, etc below!!
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